I offer writing, marketing, website, and training services for heart-centered entrepreneurs and purpose-driven organizations to help you bring your great work into the world.

Writing. Copywriting. Editing. Wordsmithing. Composing. Tweaking. Revising.

You know, that thing we do with 26 letters of the alphabet to communicate.

Whatever you want to call it, I can help you turn words into gold for your business — whether you need someone to do it all for you or give you some guidance along the way.

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Does the word ‘marketing’ make you shiver? When you hear ‘PR’ does it conjure up images of a Mad Men episode rife with pearly whites and sleazy sales tactics?

None of that here.

Just gobs of experience and helpful tools for authentic communication — because the world needs YOU (everyone else is already taken).  

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WordPress Websites and Consulting

I get it. You’re busy trying to start or grow your business.

You went into analysis paralysis laying out your website, or maybe you started doing it yourself and soon became overwhelmed with technobabble.

You don’t have to do it all. In fact, you shouldn’t. Hire an expert so you can do what you do best!

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Are you a visionary? Would you like to use outside-the-box tools to help grow your business? Are you ready to be extraordinary and see the highest vision for your business? I offer creative visioning workshops and coaching.

I’m also a certified trainer for neuroscientist, best selling author, and international lecturer, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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About Florence

I help communicate your creative vision

writer | pr & marketing strategist  |  website consultant  |  trainer

Are you an entrepreneur or purpose-driven organization doing good things in the world?

Need some help communicating your great work?

With over 20 years of corporate-level marketing, PR, and communications experience, I now support entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and businesses with heart make the world a better place by helping them succeed.

About QCC

Are you an entrepreneur or nonprofit leader who could use some help with copywriting, PR, or marketing communications to launch or grow your business?


Are you a visionary thinker but need some help putting together a marketing or digital strategy?

Are website woes making you want to throw in the towel on technology?

Are you a resource-drained corporate leader looking for someone who understands corporate life from the inside out to help you communicate your business needs?

Are you ready to bring a groundbreaking training program to your employees so they can be inspired and your business can thrive?

I can help.


Got copy confusion?

Need help with writing content for your website?

So many marketing-y things to think about, you don’t know where to start?

Sign up for a string-FREE 20 minute call to help you get clear about your messaging. Session includes:

1)  20 minute phone or Skype call with an expert writer, marketer, and strategist

2)  Your choice of focus areas: copywriting, marketing, or digital strategy

3)  Checklist and worksheet to help you clearly define your goals

Florence and I worked together at two companies. As her supervisor, I knew that I could depend on her to take on any assignment. From liaising with senior executives to elicit key information needed for communications, to detailed planning and flawless execution, her work was exceptional. She was also a thinking partner that made me and other team members function at our best.

Deb Pierce

Retired communications executive for the mining and energy sectors

Florence is my go-to marketing and writing expert. She took our church foundation’s outreach to a new high, spurring tremendous growth. She also knocked it out of the ballpark working with me at a large engineering firm’s marketing.

I love working with the best, and that happens to be Florence!

Leslie Lassi

President, Mile Hi Church Foundation / Inside Sales Team Manager, Denver environmental & engineering firm

I have worked with Florence on numerous projects – from highly corporate to downright silly. Not only is she a multi-faceted talent with wit and know-how, she’s professional, organized, and a true pleasure to work with. 

I’ve seen her work communications magic starting from scratch and she never ceases to deliver the perfect message.

Kirsten Olivet

President, NicheMediaOne

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If you’re ready for your business to soar to new heights, the right marketing communications are key. Whether you need someone to do the work for you, or just need some coaching and guidance along the way, I can help.

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