Does the idea of writing content for your website make you shriek?

Do you think marketing is the sleazy equivalent of being a used car salesman?

Do you wish you could have someone show you how to connect your head and heart in business — and still be crazy successful?!

Hi – I’m Florence. I help purpose-driven businesses and heart-centered entrepreneurs, like you, communicate your brilliance to the world.

I get it. You want a business that reflects who YOU truly are. You care deeply about making positive changes in your life. And in the world. You want to help others, yet you also want to be successful and have an awesome life.

  • Maybe you’re like me, a corporate refugee turned entrepreneur who wants to be authentic, live your dreams, make a difference — and still buy first-class tickets to Bora Bora and watch tropical fish swim under a water bungalow by the soft glow of coral colored sunsets and flickering tiki torches. (Can I get a fist bump?!)
  • Or you might head up a nonprofit. You’re overwhelmed, understaffed, feeling kinda unappreciated, and between fundraisers and volunteer training, marketing keeps slipping further on down the rabbit hole of priorities. (Hope is not lost!)
  • Perhaps you’re a corporate communications decision maker. Your company just had another round of layoffs…again…and now you need to hire outside help for your marketing communications because you Just. Can’t. Do. It. All. (Oh, how I feel your pain!)

I help forward-thinking organizations, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits with writing services, marketing communications, strategy creation, and training. All designed to help you grow your business and, yep, change your world. Because when your business shines, the world shines.

Here’s a bonus for both of us: I absolutely love working with people like you!


As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it was like starting out.

So many things to think about and consider! Thank goodness I had a lawyer and accountant to help me out.

Those areas were definitely not my specialty, so it was worth it to hire the experts to help me grow my business.



I have totally been in your shoes.

Too many projects and deadlines and not enough resources or hours. I’ve been in senior communications management positions for over 20 years with top Fortune companies. So you get the benefit of my savvy expertise with the knowledge that I can meet your needs, on time and on budget.

So, go ahead…forward your calls and schedule that spa-aaah day.


Well, you’re my passion.

I support a number of organizations through my Giving Back program, so you know I believe in you!

With my extensive writing, marketing, and strategy development experience, I can help you put a marketing plan together, write copy, refresh your website, or train your staff to envision success with two unique training programs.

I’ve also headed up charitable contributions for those top Fortune companies for many years, so you’ve got the added benefit of my behind-the-scenes insight in fundraising. SCORE!

How can you effectively, and consciously, grow your business?

Do you have a vision? A strategy that reflects that vision?

Are your communications really authentic?

Could your business benefit from cutting-edge training grounded in neuroscience to help employees think and behave differently?

How I Work

I work with clients all over the world. Initial consultations are done over the phone. We can also Skype if you want to gaze into my eyes and make sure I’m a real person. Of course, I’m totally down for a meeting by tiki torch in Bora Bora.


Next Steps

Sign up for a totally FREE, no silly strings attached, 20-minute consultation to see how I can help you launch, grow, or support your business.

If we’re not a good fit, we can part ways with a smile. If we are, well…what have you got to lose besides time and money in your business?

If you’re looking for creative communications and unique ways to help your business shine, while making a difference in the world, let’s connect.

  • TRAINING 70%


I founded QCC to follow my own big vision of transforming lives and businesses, making the world a better place, and living a life of freedom, flexibility, and fun.

Aren’t you ready to do the same?

If you want some of the personal stuff, read on. If not, go ahead and skip to my ‘Work With Me‘ page. 

Sometimes the personal blurbs in ‘About Me’ pages sound a bit like an online dating profile. I guess, in a way, they are! So here’s mine: 😉

I’m a word nerd, avid advocate, marketing maven, corporate communicator, neuroscience nut, quantum quester, and world wanderer.

I’m a mom (two awesome grown kids!), grandmom (yikes, five grandkids!), have a cherished, crazy collection of friends, and am contemplating a new senior rescue fur baby addition.

Top 10 things I love:

  1. Long, philosophical talks with my brilliant son
  2. Mani/pedis and PLL nights with my daughter
  3. Hugs with my grandkids and hugging trees (literally)
  4. Packing suitcases and bustling airports
  5. Snow-capped mountains against a deep blue sky
  6. Laughing with friends until liquid spurts through your nose (true stories!)
  7. Shopping for products with the leaping bunny logo
  8. Sunsets between palm trees as ocean waves crash
  9. Homemade almond milk lattes (non-GMO, of course!)

And…#10:  If the words ‘Scully & Mulder’ bring a smile to your lips and a wistful, faraway look to your eyes, then no doubt about it – we’ll be besties.

(And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, well, I’m sure you have other redeeming qualities we can talk about.)


Oh, you’re looking for the official stuff? There’s plenty of that. Here’s my CV and highlights below:

  • Over 20 years in senior management roles in marketing, corporate communications, and public relations with top Fortune companies
  • BA in Communications from the University of Denver, with highest honors
  • Award-winning writer and editor
  • Past President of Lambda Pi Eta, local chapter of the National Communication Association honor society
  • Awarded ‘Outstanding Communication Student of the Year’
  • Executive board member and board member with several nonprofits
  • Member of the Society of Professional Journalists
  • Member of the Public Relations Society of America for many years
  • Volunteer with a variety of nonprofits

Are you ready?

Find out how I can help you live a life that matters to you.


Florence has several qualities that few people possess, that includes her exceptional communication and writing skills. In addition, she is very well organized and has a strong attention to detail. Florence has a very upbeat and outgoing personality that draws people to her. Lori Hollen

Senior Analyst, Qwest

Florence is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely organized and detail-oriented, and understands how to best manage projects to have them be successful. It is a joy working with Florence, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Codi Kaji

Program Manager, K2

YOU are amazing! You have taken a “hogs ear” and made a “silk purse” out of it! Wow! I will be using you for ALL my writing and editing, hands down! Suzanne Qualia, MBA, CIRM

Founder, Owner, Qualia, Inc.

Isn’t it time you had support?

I know it’s not easy being a small business, entrepreneur, or freelancer. Everything falls on your shoulders, and there’s always a never-ending list of to dos.

But if you’re ready to get off the sidelines and propel your business forward with writing, marketing, or strategy support, let’s chat.