I believe consulting should adhere to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and respect for individual clients and groups. This Code affirms the importance of accountability, fairness, confidentiality, and responsibilities:


As a consultant, I am accountable for my actions toward my clients, groups, and the public, and I will:

  • Conduct myself in a positive, respectful manner on a consistent basis
  • Uphold the law and abide legal considerations at all times
  • Always accept responsibility for my decisions and actions
  • Be honest and speak the truth
  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interest with clients or organizations
  • Strive to improve my abilities through ongoing education, professional counseling and training, and other relevant associations



As a consultant, I recognize that all human beings are deserving of respect, and I will:

  • Treat all individuals equally and with dignity, without regard to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Encourage clients to utilize services or tools from other sources if it would best serve the needs of the client
  • If necessary, terminate relationships with compassion and dignity



As a consultant, the trust clients place in me is of utmost importance, and I will:

  • Maintain client confidentiality, unless prohibited by law
  • Honor my client’s privacy, and will not share any information from client consultations, unless agreed to in writing by the client



As a consultant, I am responsible to my clients, groups, myself, and the public, and I will:

  • Assess individuals and groups through an evaluation of needs
  • Only undertake client projects if I believe I can successfully assist their business needs
  • Assure that all client records are safely and accurately recorded, stored, and maintained
  • Remain aware of any conflicts that may arise and use my training and skills to diffuse any potential discrimination or harmful acts among clients
  • Maintain and honor the boundaries of a client relationship
  • Refrain from biases and making judgements of any individuals
  • To the best of my ability, will operate my business with minimal impacts on the environment
  • Ensure that any sub-contractors I may use to assist the client uphold these same standards
  • Keep apprised of any legal or statutory updates and required for business operations


Adapted from the Society of Professional Journalists (, with appreciation to SPJ past president and professor Fred Brown