A collection of warm fuzzies from different parts of my multi-passionate life — writing, corporate career, marketing, communications, strategy development, training, academia, workshops, and coaching. I’m very grateful to those whose paths I’ve crossed over the years!


What is your deepest calling? What makes your heart sing? Let’s connect and see how I can help you bring your greatness into the world. Because now — more than ever — the world needs your being, your beauty, and your brilliance.



Florence and I worked together at two companies. As her supervisor, I knew that I could depend on her to take on any assignment. From liaising with senior executives to elicit key information needed for communications, to detailed planning and flawless execution, her work was exceptional. In addition, she was a thinking partner that made me and other team members function at our best.

Deb Pierce

Retired communications executive for the mining and energy sectors

Florence is my go-to marketing and writing expert. She took our church foundation’s outreach to a new high, spurring tremendous growth. She also knocked it out of the ballpark working with me at a large engineering firm’s marketing. I love working with the best, and that happens to be Florence!

Leslie Lassi

Vice President, Mile Hi Church Foundation / , Inside Sales Team Manager, Denver environmental & engineering firm

If you have been struggling to break an old, “friendly” habit that has been getting in the way of your meeting your goals, this course is for you. Florence is a fine facilitator who infuses this neuroscience material with heart and humor. What I like most about her is her presence, energy, and kindness.

Eileen Bruer

President, The Leveraged Leader

YOU are amazing! You have taken a “hogs ear” and made a “silk purse” out of it! Wow! I will be using you for ALL my writing and editing, hands down!

Suzanne Qualia, MBA, CIRM

Principal, Owner, Qualia, Inc.

Great presentation! I really enjoyed it. I don’t think it matters if you speak to 8 or 80 or 800 people, you can see you are passionate about this information, and it shows!

Lori Hollen

I have taken many “self help” courses over the years. This class presented similar and advanced ideas in a simple and understandable way. I am sure I will be able to take the ideas fully into my thoughts, feelings, actions and life! Stop it and live! Florence was gregarious and easy to talk with.

Duane Schuh

You were wonderful! I really appreciated Florence’s heartfelt and intuitive presentation style. The day seemed to flow easily and beautifully from beginning to end.

Jalynn V.

Florence has been adopted as a team member, capable resource and sincere friend by Daniels Communications, Inc. more quickly than anyone in our history. That’s not easy. Our team manages the personal and corporate assets of Bill Daniels. The workload demands superior quality, rapid-fire production, and the ability to redirect priorities at the drop of a hat (or landing of a lear jet). Hire her. Pay her top dollar. This is one heck of a gal.

Laurel R.

Executive Administrator, Denver, CO

Excellent presentation, very articulate, knew the material, kept things moving well. Videos were excellent. For me, this was a great review from having attended Dr. Joe’s lectures and reading the book.

Bob L.

Florence is very skilled and an elite professional.

Ron Hollins

Multiple HR Roles, Newmont Mining Corporation

Florence has an unflappable, seamless style…sometimes using just-in-time inventory techniques, sometimes with long-range planning and extensive coordination. In my association with her over the years, I have found that she just doesn’t fail to respond. If you need someone to juggle, negotiate contracts, and keep departments or world-wide operations happy, I highly recommend Florence.

Pete Block

Divisional Vice President, Corporate Communications, Browning-Ferris Industries

This course helped me think in new ways, ways I never thought about before, I was raised knowing how powerful our thoughts are. It’s something I work on regularly. But learning some simple new tools to stop my thoughts when they stray into negative areas was very helpful. Seeing literal new thoughts forming and disconnecting under a microscope was also very powerful. The facilitator was wonderful. Florence is very warm and sincerely passionate about this material. Highly recommend this course!


During the time I have known Ms. Yaeger, she has shown me again and again her strength of character, commitment to rigorous academic standards, and a rare gift for creative thinking and communications. Any organization would be fortunate to have her as an integral team member and inspirational leader.

Kate B.

Professor, University of Denver

This program is inspirational as it is revelational. Reveals that change is occurring moment by moment and that conscious attention to it will effect what results occur. The information is highly organized and insightful. [Florence] is very professional, but also warm and personal.


I’m now reading Dr. Joe’s book and this workshop has helped me to synthesize the information. I feel with this workshop I will be able to incorporate more of the techniques into my daily life. I especially liked the meditation.

Marguerite P.

I was stuck. I lacked inspiration and felt lousy about my professional life. I less than an hour, Florence uncovered my life’s true calling and inspired me to dream BIG! I’m pursuing those dreams and am very grateful for such an enlightening session.

Melissa L.

The tremendous growth we have experienced has led us to create a new position that encompasses a variety of tasks under the heading of media and community relations. Florence was extremely competent and creative in her role, so she was the perfect choice to assume the new position of PR & Communications Manager.

Neville V.

President and CEO

[The workshop] was an enlightening experience. I loved the fusion of the logical science behind the spiritual intuitive aspects. Florence is wonderfully gifted at explaining these concepts.

Liz Miller

Florence has an amazing ability to help all of us tap into our own desires, put it out to the universe, focus, and…Shazam! We are living our own vision board! Not only has Florence given me insight and support into my own desire and goals, but she has also shown me what a true Wonder Woman visionary really is!

Regina Chilton-Parris

Founder, MiYard-Denver & Jamaica

I have worked with Florence on numerous projects – from highly corporate to downright silly. Not only is she a multi-faceted talent with wit and know-how, she’s professional, organized and a true pleasure to work with. I’ve seen her work communications magic starting from scratch and she never ceases to deliver the perfect message.

Kirsten Olivet

President, NicheMediaOne

I recently met with Florence to create a vision board. She helped me get centered and connect with what I truly wanted out of life. She made me feel so comfortable, and was able to answer any question I had about the process of visioning. I love how my vision board turned out, and I am so connected to it that one of the items on my board manifested that very night! I would recommend Florence as well as visioning to everybody for their personal and professional lives. 

Stephanie Stone

[Florence was] heartfelt, easy to follow and a great listener.


This workshop was a wonderful opportunity to integrate mind-body-feelings and truly make a personal plan for transformation and change in my own life. I truly got that if I don’t “do it” I don’t know it. Simple but great tools for moving from my old to my new self. Appreciation and gratitude and thank you so much. I felt peaceful after the meditation. I have a new path in life. Florence is supportive and kind.


Florence was the best part of the workshop. Her knowledge and delivery of the material was right on. She quickly and thoroughly answered questions and created an open, safe environment for learning and sharing.

Melissa Lau

Florence and I worked together on a variety of projects…and she was always extremely helpful and informative. She is a hard-working professional, and I recommend her highly.

Wade Brooks

Director of Corporate Telecom/IT Procurement, Newmont Mining Corporation

Clear presentation! Don’t have any improvements to suggestion. You stuck to the schedule and moved us along nicely. Florence paced the presentation parts nicely. I thought it was done well.

Steve Nellis

I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Florence…and I am very impressed with her work. She has a special talent when it comes to meticulous attention to details and that is what I appreciate the most. Florence is a highly-skilled team oriented individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to complete a request. I take this opportunity to give Florence one of my highest recommendations.

Samantha Zerda

Executive Assistant to the CEO, Newmont Mining

The overall presentation really shone a light on realizing in which aspect of one’s own life those “auto-pilot” thoughts are lurking, and that helps you realize the power of your own unconscious thoughts.

Chris Lewis

Florence is a great communicator. It is an honor to work with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Carlos Castillo

Desktop Engineer, CapGemini

The entire course was fantastic! [Florence] was very knowledgeable as a facilitator. She was wonderful.

Esther M.

I appreciate all your hard work, and your presentation was wonderful.

Alan B.

Executive Vice President-Legal and External Affairs

This course has helped me to synthesize the information I’ve gotten from reading Dr. Joe’s book. Florence has a great personality and delivers the material with a cheerful lightness. It is clear she is passionate about the subject and material.


It was a great course to help illuminate your mental obstacles and vision what you can create — and do it!

Marleen D.

Florence is one of the most capable people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her organizational skills, in conjunction with her consistent “can do” attitude, made her a valuable asset to the company. She is a loyal, trustworthy associate. I give her my highest recommendation.

H. Tony DeHaas

Community Affairs Manager, Browning-Ferris Industries

This course is seriously helpful for those of us that thrive off ‘repetition’! Good for those of us that need that extra ‘do it.’ The workbooks is very helpful. I strongly recommend this course.

Jan N.

Florence was genuine, had good understanding, was warm, and cognizant of time elements.