Welcome to the blog for my new business, Quantum Creative Communications (hereafter affectionately referred to as ‘QCC’). I realize the name is kind of a mouthful, especially when typing email addresses and site URLs. I tried really hard to come up with something different; shorter, more pithy. I’m a marketing maven, after all, for Pete’s sake! But the truth is — it’s the essence of who I am, what matters to me, and how I want to help others.

  • Quantum:  As the textbook definition goes, quantum is the smallest amount of radiant energy that exists. Thoughts, and words, are energy. Everything in our lives begins with a thought. Every. Single. Thing. My purpose in creating QCC is to take the thoughts of passionate entrepreneurs and organizations that want to create a more authentic, conscious business and provide them with the words and tools to be successful.
  • Creative:  Aside from the fact that Quantum Communications was already taken (hat tip, you!) and that people often mistake businesses with the word “Communications” in it for some sort of telecom biz, I really wanted to add that outside-the-box spark that runs through everything I do.
  • Communications:  My entire career (and life!) has been in the field of communications — writing, PR, marketing, training — anything that uses the written or spoken work to convey meaning. Since the days of putting pencil to paper in my closet as a kid, I’ve loved writing. I also love research and taking a million tiny details and creating a big picture, a plan. I’m really good at it. Communication is the foundation of my services.

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.  ~Marianne Williamson

What’s Up With Vision Your World?

It’s my company tagline and brand. Going back to those seed thoughts of new beginnings, I believe we can “vision our world” on micro and macro levels. For ourselves, our loved ones, our business, and our world. I’m a big believer in the power of visioning. It’s changed my life in so many ways, I’m still astonished.

Here’s my belief. If you are living your life, and sharing your fabulous, inspired business with the world, we all win.

  • You win because your work in the world is congruent with your soul.
  • The world wins because your corner of it has an elevated consciousness.

Could there possibly be anything better?

A Focus On Things That Matter

I will strive to always focus on the positive. That said, there’s a difference between positive and pollyanna. I spent years, probably decades, after my spiritual sojourn (following my strict Catholic upbringing) doing my best to be nonjudgmental, keep positivity forefront in my life, and focus on puppies, kitties, and rainbow unicorns.

“Blessings and light to you,” I’d smile sweetly at the guy who cut me off in traffic. Umm, let’s just say that’s not quite what happens now…

One tiny candle can illuminate the dark. But if not for the dark, would the candle be seen if all that existed was light? [Tweet that]

If we’re not aware of the dark, we can’t bring light to it. There are a lot of negative things happening around the world. But I believe with all my heart that an awakened, raised consciousness can positively influence our world.

Let’s vision that, shall we?

What I’ll Blog About

I’ll blog about once a week (be sure to subscribe to receive my newsletter). Here are some topics you can expect me to cover:

  • Writing and editing
  • Visioning and vision boards
  • Marketing communications and strategies
  • Research on neuroscience, mindfulness, and consciousness
  • Inspirational nonprofits or businesses that are doing good work in the world
  • Occasional miscellaneous topics such as travel experiences, health breakthroughs, animals (there’s a high potential for golden retriever stories), and random funny family moments (wait until you meet my grandson, Wyatt…you’ve been warned!)
  • Potential rants relating to human rights, animal advocacy, GMOs, geoengineering, or anything else happening on the planet that could, well, destroy life forms. My intent is that it generates questions and conversations around solutions, not pointless complaining.

Bridging Two Worlds

Here’s the deal. I’ve spent my entire career in corporate America. It’s been wonderful in so many ways: heaps of experience and experiences, forever friendships, life-changing mentors, glass corner offices with snow-capped mountain views, talents excavated, traveling the globe. Oh yeah, the 6-figure salary and benefits.

There’s also been plenty of contrast to help me see what I don’t want in business: profit-above-all agendas, senseless corporate jargon, endless meetings, toxic environments, dreadful bosses, surface values, and disempowered employees.

I never quite fit into the box, er, cube mentality. I couldn’t always blindly drink the corporate Kool-Aid. I really tried. For decades. My mom used to joke that my first words were not the typical “mama” or “dada,” but “why.” Instead, I always questioned everything and looked for the why — the bigger picture, patterns, meaning, the interconnectedness of all things. And I looked for goodness in the hearts of people, always the people.

I also used to live in Boulder, Colorado, and while I definitely have my woo passions, I didn’t wholly fit in with the tie-dyed outfitted, Birkenstock-wearing, yoga crowd, either (much as I love ’em!). At least, not for very long before I had to have a mani/pedi and head back to my closet to pull out my grey pinstriped suit and black Jimmy Choos (though now I shop for vegan shoes).

I’m into exploring the edges of consciousness, but I’m also scientific and skeptical. While I’m definitely not a neuroscientist, I’ve studied with the best of them. I’m fascinated with the brain and how it works. I know — beyond the shadow of a doubt — that how we think can make our lives, and the world, a better place.

No, I haven’t figured “it” all out yet. I don’t believe we ever really do. But I’ve learned a lot along my journey, and I am committed to helping solopreneurs and organizations doing good work to shine and soar higher than they ever dreamed possible.

This site is for the square-pegs who can’t fit into round holes. This is for you, Genius.

How We Can Connect

Leave comments on my blog if you feel so inspired. Send an email. Connect with me on social media. Sign up for my free updates. Or send a message through my contact form. I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s vision our worlds, together.

What inspires you?